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Radically ecological sneakers.

The magic of natural materials handcrafted for your comfort.

Less plastic.

Less toxic chemicals.

Less CO2 emissions.

More responsibility.

More comfort.

More durability.


A marvel of plant-based materials.

A combination of supernatural materials, modern manufacturing technologies and impeccable craftsmanship delivers superb comfort and high durability, all with a lower environmental impact and greater responsibility.

Each component works to improve your experience yet reduce your impact.

97% natural.

100% colour-full.

Each component of Earthbound™ sneakers is carefully designed to be more compatible with nature. And nature is full of c o l o u r.


Keep your feet dry.

The extraordinary water repellency comes from the hydrophobic characteristic of lanolin. This natural compound of wool protects you from water, dirt and bacteria.

Pushing the boundaries of natural protection, an additional bio-based nano-coating is applied to the entire sneaker boosting the water and stain protection. This advanced coating minimises the droplet's adhesion to the surface and is completely free of harmful chemicals.

Let in the air.

The inside of the sneaker is made from a breathable 100% hemp textile, wicking away moisture and maintaining a healthy and dry environment.

Completely free of chemicals, the natural resistance against odour and bacteria of hemp is preserved.


Freedom of movement.

The natural latex sole is a remarkable combination of flexibility, comfort and strength.
With superior grip keeping you on firm ground, the abrasion resistant compound is making sure you enjoy your sneakers for a long time.


Support in all the right places.

Designed by the principles of ergonomy, the footbed is giving you the feeling of lightness on those long walks.

It is made with a light cork base and covered with a soft-to-the-touch wool felt.

A magical substance “subherin” found in natural cork works in tandem with wool’s lanolin to create an antimicrobial and fresh environment.

As snug as a bug in a rug.

Inspired by hiking boots, the long-lacing system wraps the wool and hemp gently around your feet letting you precisely control your fit.

Modern ground.

Because human feet are not made to walk on flat and hard surfaces, the Earthbound™ footbed is engineered to provide adequate muscosceletal support for all of the 26 bones and more then a 100 muscles in your feet*.

*The supportive design of Earthbound™ sneakers is optimised for use in urban areas with flat grounds.



A radically natural mindset.

Responsible at the core.

By reducing plastic usage, eliminating toxic-chemicals, lowering CO2 emissions and increasing eco-responsibility, Earthbound’s are designed for an uncompromising fit between nature and your feet.


World's first


certified footwear.

Made for your wellbeing, Earthbounds’s contain no chemicals toxic to human health. It is the worlds first Oeko-tex® certified footwear, as tested by an independent laboratory.
View the certificate here.

To be safe.


Less CO2 emissions

By focusing on renewable bio-based materials and sustainable practices Earthbound™ sneakers emit up to 65% less CO2 then the industry average.

** Based on Earthbound’s internal calculation

97% plastic-free.


This sneaker is a weapon against the plastic plague. Engineered with nature-made polymers and fibres to deliver a better product with a lower environmental impact.

Humans are a part of nature. By protecting it, we are protecting ourselves.

Engineered to sustain.

It all starts with the strongest natural materials, harvested and processed with the greatest respect to the people and the environment.

Followed by the Earthbound™ team’s expertise in footwear production and development.

Each sneaker is finalised by impeccable handcraftmenship to ensure quality inside-out.


Hemp is known to be the strongest natural fibre, being second only to the incredible spider-web.

To harvest the strength of hemp, we are using large-diameter yarns to weave a strong heavy-weight fabric which is flexible and breathable at the same time. Such structure creates a mesh with thousands of small gaps permitting water-vapour to pass through and away from your feet.


Truly an extraordinary material, wool is odour, water and stain resistant, breathable and super durable. Processed and weaved in the EU, with the raw material from Great Britain, Norway and New Zealand, only the strongest fibres are used to weave Earthbound™ outer shell fabrics.

A natural component of high-quality wool is "lanolin", a magical substance making wool naturally water and stain repellent. Even if wool does get wet, it will still retain its thermal-isolation properties because wool fibres are hollow, as engineered by nature.


There are millions of tiny air-pockets inside of the structure of cork, making it super-light and the best natural thermal insulator. We made the insole entirely out of cork to protect your feet both from the cold and hot weather.

Cork contains another super-ingredient called “subherin” which creates an anti-microbial and anti-odour environment.


Natural latex can be found in 20.000 different flowering plant species. The latex used to make Earthbound™ soles comes from the Amazonian Rubber Tree of FSC certified forests.

The elasticity, durability and strength of natural latex will keep you on sound footing.

Awarded and recognised by footwear industry experts.

Winning 3 Global Footwear Awards back in 2020 was a great feat for Earthbound™, but winning it again for 2022 is a recognition that Earthbound™ is among the forerunners of sustainable footwear. Our everlasting pursuit of sustainability continues as we push the boundaries ever further.