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LESHY Pine Sneakers

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Size: EU 35
Earthbound™ size guide

To get the right fit we recommend that you measure your feet before choosing the size. Use the measurement and compare it with the size chart below. If you are between sizes, go for a size down.

3 easy steps to determine your size

1. Place one foot on a piece of paper. Mark the paper at the end of your largest toe and at the end of your heel bone.

2. Measure the distance between two points and repeat the process for your other foot. If one foot is larger then use the larger measurement as your “heel-toe” length.

3. Use our size chart to determine your Earthbound™ size.

 Foot lenght (cm) Foot lenght (inch) Earthbound® size
21,7 - 22,3  8,54 - 8,78 34
22,4 - 22,9 8,82 - 9,02 35
23,0 - 23,6 9,05 - 9,29 36
23,7 - 24,2 9,33 - 9,57 37
24,3 - 24,9 9,61 - 9,80 38
25,0 - 25,6 9,84 - 10,08 39
25,7 - 26,2 10,12 - 10,35 40
26,3 - 26,9 10,39 - 10,59 41
27,0 - 27,5 10,63 - 10,87 42
27,6 - 28,2 10,91 - 11,14 43
28,3 - 28,9 11,18 - 11,38 44
29,0 - 29,5 11,42 - 11,65 45
29,6 - 30,2 11,69 - 11,93 46
30,3 - 30,9 11,97 - 12,17 47
31,0 - 31,5 12,20 - 12,44 48
31,6 - 32,2 12,48 - 12,76 49


If you are still not sure, don't worry. We have a hassle-free 30 day free return policy, and you can easily exchange your Earthbound™ sneakers if they don't fit on the first try.


Best for everyday use in spring and autumn conditions. Thermoregulating, dirt and water-repellent 100% wool outside. Breathable and healthy environment inside with hemp, wool and cork. Flexible outsole with superior grip. 97% natural materials.


Just like sheep.


Like wearing clouds.


Stinky feet season is over.


97% bio-based carbon content.


Oeko-tex™ certified.


65% lower CO2 emissions than industry average.

Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Martin W

Great shoes, really comfy and looks super cool!

Simon Greuter

The sneakers are not what I expected. Not that comfortable. And I received an extra bill of 35 EUR for customs...

Hello Simon,

we are sorry to hear that. We do understand that these type of sneakers aren't the perfect choice for all, they are extremly low and close to the ground, which a lot of customers love, but it's not for everyone.

Regarding the custom tax, we ship from Europe (Croatia), so all non EU buyers pay the price without the VAT, but need to pay the custom fees upon the arrival of the items. We note that on several places on our website.

Good quality and friendly to the environment

The shoes are really comfortable. Not too hard or too soft. I ordered them in my standard size and they fit well. I would buy the shoes again and I hope that there will be a winter- version soon. Thumbs up from my side.

Good wool

Nice and natural wool shoe. I'we got two pairs shoe laces with paggage. Shoe size is right. I have my other shoes same sizes aswell.

Sebastian Böhnisch
Sensationelle Schuhe in unglaublich guter Verarbeitung

Ich hatte es eigentlich schon aufgegeben, richtig gute Schuhe zu finden. Bei mir war es mal wieder an der Zeit. Mein Notkauf zuvor hatte sich leider als komplett Spritzwasser-undicht und als Schweiss-Hölle erwiesen. Grundsätzlich neige ich zu Schweissfüßen, aber so schlimm war es lange nicht mehr. Den Preis finde ich in Ordnung, der Versand war mir etwas zu viel. Mangels Alternativen hab ich die Miret's dann doch bestellt. Ich trage die Schuhe nun seit über zwei Monaten und bin unglaublich zufrieden: keine Schweissfüße mehr, die Schuhe sind richtig bequem, auf dem Gummi läuft es sich federleicht und definitiv High-Class. Ich habe die Schuhe in strömendem Regen, bei Schnee und im Schneematsch getragen und bisher noch keine nassen Füsse bekommen. Zugegeben sind sie keine Winterschuhe (zu kalt), aber von der Dichtigkeit und vom Grip halten sie gut mit. Im Vergleich zu anderen (teuren) Schuhen: die Verarbeitung ist sehr gut, obwohl ich die Schuhe täglich trage habe ich noch keine Verarbeitungsfehler oder Ermüdungserscheinungen feststellen können. Also ein hochqualitatives Produkt, mit absoluter Kaufempfehlung!!!

I had actually given up on finding really good shoes. For me it was time again. Unfortunately, my previous emergency purchase turned out to be completely leaky and a sweaty hell. I generally tend to have sweaty feet, but it hasn't been this bad in a long time. I think the price is okay, but the shipping was a bit too much for me. Because there were no alternatives, I finally ordered the Miret's. I've been wearing the shoes for over two months now and am incredibly satisfied: no more sweaty feet, the shoes are really comfortable, the rubber is light as a feather and definitely high class. I've worn the shoes in pouring rain, snow and slush and haven't gotten my feet wet yet. Admittedly, they are not winter shoes (too cold), but they hold up well in terms of tightness and grip. Compared to other (expensive) shoes: the workmanship is very good. Even though I wear the shoes every day, I haven't noticed any workmanship errors or signs of fatigue. So a high quality product, with an absolute purchase recommendation!!!