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Poems for the Island

Poems for the Island

"Poems for the island" collection, was shot on the island of Krk, on beautiful planes just above Bašćanska draga. The main motive for filming the collection in this area was sustainable development, where shepherds together with their flock maintain the biological world and create hope for a better tomorrow.

Natural materials give the sneakers the necessary softness and purity, making them ideal for walks during the spring days, while a wide range of colors evoke the memory of wild island plants.

Special emphasis should be placed on the wide front of the sneakers, which provides complete freedom to the feet, and gives a feeling of comfort and convenience.

With this collection, due to the slightly different technique of manufacturing, we achieved a significant reduction in material consumption (20% less material for the upper part, and 50% less glue).

Therefore, MIRET is getting closer to achieving a completely natural sneaker made out  of 100% natural materials.

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