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MIRET is now Earthbound™

MIRET is now Earthbound™

We're thrilled to announce a giant step in our journey!

After 5 years of rethinking footwear, and creating 97% ecological sneakers you all know as "MIRET," we're happy and excited to introduce our new brand name:

Why the Change, You Ask?

For a while now, we felt the time has come for a name that truly reflects who we are and communicates what we've always stood for - putting ecology first in everything we do.
The transition from MIRET to EARTHBOUND embodies our core values and our dream to create the ultimate sustainable sneaker. 



It was not easy for us to let go of MIRET because it holds an immense sentimental value. However, we felt that MIRET could no longer bear the weight of our plans for the future.
EARTHBOUND is not just a name; it's a promise and a commitment.
With EARTHBOUND, we are bound even more tightly to our mission and focus on creating sneakers that not only look great but also contribute positively to the planet we all share. 


Preserving Our Legacy

Because MIRET holds such an important place in our hearts, it will continue to coexist with EARTHBOUND for some time. This transitional period allows us to honor the legacy of MIRET while embracing the future as EARTHBOUND. During this phase, you will still be able to find your favorite sneakers under both the MIRET and EARTHBOUND labels. 

We want to express our sincere gratitude to all of you who are a part of this incredible journey. Your support has been the driving force behind our growth and success, and we couldn't have done it without you!

With heartfelt thanks,
Cofounders Hrvoje & Domagoj Boljar, and the entire EARTHBOUND team

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Backed by evidence: Earthbound™ is OEKO-TEX® certified!

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