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Forest Dark 2020 Miret Sneakers

Forest Dark 2020 Miret Sneakers
Midway upon the journey of our lifeI found myself within a forest dark,For the straightforward pathway had been lost.

Dante Alighieri, The Divine Comedy

Forest Dark collection is a winter interpretation of the classic Miret sneaker. Made out of thick layer of New Zealand wool felt, this mid-top sneaker is created as a warm and soft addition to the winter boot. Retaining important characteristics of Miret classic's – wide front for giving your feet a freedom, natural hemp under-layer and pure lines, Forest dark collection uses a color palette comprised of colors borrowed from five different species, all of which are listed on red IUCN list,
the world's most comprehensive inventory of the global conservation status of biological species. Their beauty and vibrancy are constant reminder for protecting biodiversity and ecosystems.

Make sustainable choices, let biodiversity flourish.

In Wilderness is the Preservation of the world.

Henry David Thoreau, Walking.

“Only by addressing both ecosystems and climate do we stand a chance of safeguarding a stable planet for humanity’s future on Earth.” 

Prof Johan Rockström, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, Germany

“Wildlife and the ecosystems are vital to human life. Destruction of nature is as dangerous as climate change.”

Prof Bob Watson, environmental scientist

“We are the first generation to know we are destroying our planet and the last one that can do anything about it.” Tanya Steele, chief executive at WWF “Although there is a growing social consciousness around clothing and apparel, it tends to stop at our ankles. We’re not really thinking about our shoe.”
The quest for sustainability tends to end at footwear,  
Tansy E. Hoskins,  journalist, author and activist

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