ISOLA Lavander Sneakers

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Size: EU 37
Earthbound size guide

To get the right fit we recommend that you measure your feet before choosing the size. Use the measurement and compare it with the size chart below. If you are between sizes, go for a size DOWN.

3 easy steps to determine your size

1. Place one foot on a piece of paper. Mark the paper at the end of your largest toe and at the end of your heel bone.

2. Measure the distance between two points and repeat the process for your other foot. If one foot is larger then use the larger measurement as your “heel-toe” length.

3. Use our size chart to determine your Earthbound size.

If you are still not sure, don't worry. We have a hassle-free 30 day free return policy, and you can easily exchange your Earthbound sneakers if they don't fit on the first try.


Best for everyday use in spring, autumn and mild summer conditions. Thermoregulating, dirt and water-repellent 100% wool outside. Breathable and healthy environment inside with hemp, wool and cork. Flexible outsole with superior grip. 97% natural materials.


Just like sheep.


Like wearing clouds.


Stinky feet season is over.


97% bio-based carbon content.


Oeko-tex™ certified.


65% lower CO2 emissions than industry average.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Aleksandra Bajs
Lovely ISOLA Lavander Sneakers

They are really comfortable and breathable and great! At first I also thought that the shoelaces could hae been a bit longer, but I got used to wearing them like this.
Highly recommended

Ermine M.
ISOLA Lavander

Prvo moram reći da obožavam Miretice i da sam njihov kupac i veliki obožavatelj od samih početaka.
One prve prve koje smo kupovali, tako da smo mjerili stopala, su oduševile kvalitetom, nakon toga sam kupila Leshy tenisice i već sam ostavila recenziju za njih, to su valjda bile najudobnije i najizdržljivije tenisice na planeti.
Zatim kako njih više nije bilo u ponudi, kupila sam ISOLA Lavander i tu sam se mrvicu razočarala ne u kvalitetu izrade, termoregulacijska svojstva, nepromočivost jer to je sve i dalje neosporno i na visini, ALI visoki potplat nije bio za mene, nisu mi bile dovoljno fleksibilne, a ni udobne i ona predivna boja lavande na potplatu se isprala i postala mutno - mrljava, dok su na Leshy tenisicama potplati od prvog do zadnjeg dana ostali identični...
Onda sam si kupila Leshy tamnoplave tenisice i najudobnije su na svijetu, i nadam se i apeliram da u prodaju opet dođu svijetle Leshy tenisice.
Sad trenutno su na redu Clay crne tenisice za isprobavanje.

Nastavite sa odličnim poslom i ponovo ću napisati pokrenite liniju za djecu. ❤️

Mirjana Meštrić

ISOLA Lavander Sneakers

great sneakers

ISOLA Lavander Sneakers - beautiful and comfortable - everything I expected and more! Thank you!

Manuela Kaniški
Beautiful, comfortable, soft, ethically-made sneakers

This is my second pair of Miret sneakers and I love them even more. Beautiful, comfortable, soft. Happy and proud to be able to support Miret vision of sustainability and ethically-made sneakers. Thank you Miret people.