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CLAY Black Sneakers

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Size: EU 37
Earthbound™ size guide

To get the right fit we recommend that you measure your feet before choosing the size. Use the measurement and compare it with the size chart below. If you are between sizes, go for a size down.

3 easy steps to determine your size

1. Place one foot on a piece of paper. Mark the paper at the end of your largest toe and at the end of your heel bone.

2. Measure the distance between two points and repeat the process for your other foot. If one foot is larger then use the larger measurement as your “heel-toe” length.

3. Use our size chart to determine your Earthbound™ size.

 Foot lenght (cm) Foot lenght (inch) Earthbound® size
21,7 - 22,3  8,54 - 8,78 34
22,4 - 22,9 8,82 - 9,02 35
23,0 - 23,6 9,05 - 9,29 36
23,7 - 24,2 9,33 - 9,57 37
24,3 - 24,9 9,61 - 9,80 38
25,0 - 25,6 9,84 - 10,08 39
25,7 - 26,2 10,12 - 10,35 40
26,3 - 26,9 10,39 - 10,59 41
27,0 - 27,5 10,63 - 10,87 42
27,6 - 28,2 10,91 - 11,14 43
28,3 - 28,9 11,18 - 11,38 44
29,0 - 29,5 11,42 - 11,65 45
29,6 - 30,2 11,69 - 11,93 46
30,3 - 30,9 11,97 - 12,17 47
31,0 - 31,5 12,20 - 12,44 48
31,6 - 32,2 12,48 - 12,76 49


If you are still not sure, don't worry. We have a hassle-free 30 day free return policy, and you can easily exchange your Earthbound™ sneakers if they don't fit on the first try.


Best for everyday use in spring and autumn conditions. Thermoregulating, dirt and water-repellent 100% wool outside combined with a textile made with lyocell. Breathable and healthy environment inside with hemp, wool and cork. Flexible outsole with superior grip.


Just like sheep.


Like wearing clouds.


Stinky feet season is over.


97% bio-based carbon content.


Oeko-tex™ certified.


65% lower CO2 emissions than industry average.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Mark Copsey
Great product

I searched specifically for recycled shoes. I would only buy a pair that were. Brought me to Earthbound. As luck would have it they had this pair in a sale, so no reason not to try them.
Order process was very good, the communications could be improved as I was emailed to say they have been dispatched but then nothing from Courier til 11 days later.
The shoes when they arrived are comfortable, and feel great. They are a tighter fitting but all good. Love the box and using it for storage as suggested.
Strong recommendation.

Pavao Banić

Wonderful and stylish. Neat and comfortable. It is a pleasure to wear them in all the conditions. As a person whose feet sweat a lot, I have to say that they sweat far less when I'm wearing these shoes. Also, there is no foul smell coming from the shoes. Those are my third pair of Miret/Earthbound sneakers and I love all of them. Brilliant shoes.

I love them!

Ordered in Croatia, and they came within 3 days. They are everything that is promised on website. I already recommended them to my friends. The concept and the story behind this brand is so amazing, and it is backed up with great product. I think that from now on, I'll buy only Earthbound sneakers.

Impressive shoes

Bought the size recommended by the size chart, and they fit perfectly, with a few mm of space in front for comfort. The sole is grippy, and it hits a sweet spot between firm enough and soft enough, which is great for long walks. The manufacturing quality is top notch - just take out the insole and check it yourself.

They look even more gorgeous than on the photo (bought them in black). I wish beige Clays were available in sizes bigger than 41 :drool:

I'm happy I went with these, rather than Vans. I'll go Miret/Earthbound for my next sneakers, too, and I wholeheartedly recommend them.

Great Shoes

Extremely comfortable, nice wearing sneaker.